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It's been an exciting week in House of Cards, with people dying, people being-missing-on-purpose, people-being-missing-by-accident, people-being-secretly-missing, people-not-answering-trumps, people-answering-trumps, and what-have-you. It's been fascinating to hear lurker-opinions (on- and off-list) about what's going on. I really get a kick out of what other people make of the story so far.

That being said, I think [ profile] prince_corwin may be trying to get uninvited from future redheaded picnics.
JN3: Okay, Bleys moonlights as an actor in B-movies, and I claim my five pounds.
GMM: So, your guess is that all those "Bleys is doing something dashing" intros when people trump him are really B-movie serial roles? Interesting...
JN3: It fits all known observations!
JN3: And what else would Bleys really be doing with his spare time and surplus ego, other than BEING A MOVIE STAR!
GMM: Hmm. We need a masked avenger Bleys...
JN3: A space pirate Bleys!
GMM: Tomb Raider Bleys! No, wait, that's what Huon is trying...
GMM: We've had War Hero Bleys!, Bleys of Arabia!, Bleys Carter Warlord of Mars, Gone with Prince Bleys...
GMM: Bgum!, I think you're right...
JN3: It fits the facts, I say.
The only fact that doesn't fit is Bleys' notorious weak chin...
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This post is for out of character discussion of this round of Neel Krishnaswami's The Court of the Empress.

This is the peanut gallery, so pass the peanuts and we'll see what the Empress and her court have to do and say...

Player list
Game Status
Benedict is performing a service.
First Round
Personal Best
[ profile] beingfrank Fyodor Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] cavlec Firdausi Tousi Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] colomon Scamandius Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] mrsitouh Benedict Performing a service11
[ profile] sunday_courtier Sallan Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] ptevis Roland Executed, with his entire family 11
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A Game of Neel Krishnaswami's Court of the Empress. Rules are here.

Let us look upon the Empress's court.

It is a frosty winter's evening on the longest night of the year. The Empress Iphigenia has taken the court to her royal barge, locked in ice until the spring thaws. An orchestra performs quietly in the background and the court has been dancing, for her Imperial Majesty's pleasure, upon the surface of the frozen river. The courtiers can see each other's steamy breath and there are braziers of burning coals for heat and a bit of light. The full moon is low in the sky, behind the Empress's pedestal on her barge. A few honored servants are there with her, but most are a few steps down, on the surface of the wide, frozen river. Her Imperial Majesty is resplendent in a dazzling black gown with a stiff collar behind her. She carries the Scepter and there is a banner with the Imperial Seal behind her throne.

And now let us hear what may be said.

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