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Random flipped the over the card. "See? It's the Five of Wands, but it's not marked. I marked it and locked it in this case last night. Checked it earlier, too. It was still there. Now? Gone." He spread his hands, as if showing that he didn't have the missing deck.

"Hmm," said Flora. "It's hard to think that something is missing, just because it cleaned itself up after you vandalized it."

"Look," the young King said, sharply, "have you ever known this cabinet not to have a deck or two in it? No, because it always does. Even if we take the ones that are there. Did you think the servants were putting them back, like soap in the privies?"

"Actually, yes. That seems quite likely," replied his sister. She brushed an imaginary spec of dust from the sleeve of her long gown.

"Well, they don't. I asked." He looked to his brother. "Julian, what do you think?"

"I?" replied Prince Julian. "I think you are inquiring down the wrong branch of the family tree. This is a matter for Caine or Bleys, surely."

"Yeah. Not here. What do you think?", Random replied.

Julian stroked his beard. It was his latest affectation. "Hmm. I suppose I think that I would be interested to know what someone might do with hundreds or thousands of Trump Decks, stolen two a day for perhaps centuries."

"Again, Yeah," replied Random. "I think this is bad, but damned if I know why."

Flora fanned herself, and feigned indifference.

I wrote this as a comment here, but decided I liked it enough to make it one of my (rare) posts.

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