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Kay Bailey Hutchison is running for Governor of Texas and has announced that she's resigning her senate seat to do so. Eh, she'd be better than the incumbent, but not a lot.

What she's got right now is a reasonably incompetent web team. They put up a web page with a hidden div that has 2272 key words that you might be searching for that they'd like to bring you to their site. That's the kind of shit that gets you banned from search engines and doesn't really work.

It would be interesting to do an analysis of the word frequency to see what KBH hopes to associate her campaign with. Here's a stab at it, grossly. The first item is "rick perry yell leader" and Governor Goodhair is represented 148 times, "life" (as in pro) is there 7 times, abortion is 5, Ron Paul 168, democrat 4, commissioner of agriculture indiana 1 (really?), gambling 28 times, cooper tire texarkana 1 (sucks if you have a blowout in Texarkana and don't want to find out about KBH), tax 7 times, immigration 5 times (it's 25% worse than democrats!), 9 mentions of gold, israel 2 (more than Cooper Tire of Texarkana, at least, but really...), "ron paul is a mason" 1, tex-mex 8, mexico 0...

Anyway, lots of fun.

The list is reproduced in full below the cut... Almost.

When the Austin American-Statesman first discovered it, it has 2273 line items. The item that was removed said "rick perry gay".

Yeah, stay classy, Kay...

don't click unless you want to see the keyword mania! )

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