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This post is for out of character discussion of this round of Neel Krishnaswami's The Court of the Empress.

This is the peanut gallery, so pass the peanuts and we'll see what the Empress and her court have to do and say...

Player list
Game Status
Benedict is performing a service.
First Round
Personal Best
[ profile] beingfrank Fyodor Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] cavlec Firdausi Tousi Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] colomon Scamandius Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] mrsitouh Benedict Performing a service11
[ profile] sunday_courtier Sallan Alive, Attending the Court 11
[ profile] ptevis Roland Executed, with his entire family 11
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A Game of Neel Krishnaswami's Court of the Empress. Rules are here.

Let us look upon the Empress's court.

It is a frosty winter's evening on the longest night of the year. The Empress Iphigenia has taken the court to her royal barge, locked in ice until the spring thaws. An orchestra performs quietly in the background and the court has been dancing, for her Imperial Majesty's pleasure, upon the surface of the frozen river. The courtiers can see each other's steamy breath and there are braziers of burning coals for heat and a bit of light. The full moon is low in the sky, behind the Empress's pedestal on her barge. A few honored servants are there with her, but most are a few steps down, on the surface of the wide, frozen river. Her Imperial Majesty is resplendent in a dazzling black gown with a stiff collar behind her. She carries the Scepter and there is a banner with the Imperial Seal behind her throne.

And now let us hear what may be said.

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Update: The game has started. Rules are, unless changed, here.

I read Neel Krishnaswami's The Court of the Empress (a complete RPG in a single 20x20 room blog post!) and my immediate thought was that it would be easy to play it in LiveJournal. It's a simple, interesting RPG that starts en media res and unfolds in a series of formal statements and responses.
The Empress is an immensely powerful and utterly unchallenged despot over a vast empire. A single word from her can cause a city to be built, and a second word could take all the lives within an entire nation. She lives within a vast palace filled with the wonders received as tribute from every nation under the sun. Thousands live within, spending their lives maintaining the gardens, cooking the delicacies, playing the songs, and guarding the jewels that make her life the most opulent in the world.

The players of this game take on the roles of the Empress herself, and of minor courtiers who seek her out, chancing death to petition her for a favor.
As I said on that blog, if we were to run this game in LJ,
it would be a writing exercise in portraying emotion, feeling, body language, tone, and picking up on them, as well as an opportunity for persuasive writing to shine.
Neel didn't know if it would work in LJ, so I figured, I'd try it.

< Proposed Rules behind the cut > )

The game will start Thursday night, Jan 5th. This will give us a few days to discuss the rules and let everyone who might consider participating some time to think.
Edit : As rules changes and clarifications are made in the comments, they'll be incorporated here. Anything changed after play starts will be marked as such.
Rule Clarifications:

  • The Empress will wait for an adequate number of Courtiers to present themselves before calling upon them for her amusement.

  • (Proposed, still under discussion) The Empress is expecting the Courtiers to entertain her with their discourse. She will not speak in a Service thread except to end it.

[updated: game closed, some time ago...]

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