Nov. 13th, 2009

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So, following all the fun Ginger had participating last spring in National Karaoke League, I decided to give it a go. Team Bringing the WTF is dedicated to finding and singing songs that make the audience, or some portion of the audience, say "WTF?"

Ginger has been rocking hard, a real backbone for the team, and I think she has three songs under her belt so far. Each performer has to sing twice.

I sang first out of the chute for team when the league started, with "The Bad Touch", a few weeks ago. It was OK, but it didn't really grab the audience. I've been working on a few options, at least one of which I think is really ready to go and several which, after rehearsal, I think may not be karaoke material.

Last night, week 4, was a tough week for the WTFers. Our team of eight had four absentees. I blame the Harmonic Convergence. Given that each team has to do two solos and a group song, we were all on the mic.

It was also theme night. Round one had to be about "New York, New York", round two was "Austin City Limits" and round three was "Going back to Cali". We didn't really have a solid line-up going into our group drinkalong/rehersal on Wednesday, but we had some ideas. It wasn't until noon on Thursday (show day!) that we had a song list.

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