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2012-09-27 08:36 pm

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Song inspired by [ profile] jimhenley's mention of the
Cthulhu Dark RPG from Thieves of Time
on Twitter...
Cultists seem to come and go, Ia. 
Great Old Ones fly between the stars 

The Secret Lair of the Mi-go,
things that man should never know, 
Upon the Arid Leng Plateau
the cultusts come and go
To Dark Cthulhu... mmm... 

Al Azif, each page looks the same, all insane. 
And no one knows the Mad Arab's name 
No one hears his lonely sigh, 
There are no angles where he lies. 
In all his dreams Alhazred flies 
From Dark Cthulhu... mmm... 

That is not dead which can eternal lie.
And with strange aeons even death may die.

Again the darkness has come, 
Again his spirit's on the run, 
Moonbeams shining through his night, 
Wondering if the stars are right 
Well, pick up your book and  roll on, mad one. 

Cultist, will you ever let him go? (Ia, Ia) 
Will you bind the dead man's shade, 
Or will he sleep in deep R'lyeh, 
Or will his spirit fly away? 

But I know that he won't stay without Cthulhu. 

Yes I know that he won't stay within Cthulhu

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2011-10-18 03:36 pm
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The Trouble With Trump Decks

Random flipped the over the card. "See? It's the Five of Wands, but it's not marked. I marked it and locked it in this case last night. Checked it earlier, too. It was still there. Now? Gone." He spread his hands, as if showing that he didn't have the missing deck.

"Hmm," said Flora. "It's hard to think that something is missing, just because it cleaned itself up after you vandalized it."

"Look," the young King said, sharply, "have you ever known this cabinet not to have a deck or two in it? No, because it always does. Even if we take the ones that are there. Did you think the servants were putting them back, like soap in the privies?"

"Actually, yes. That seems quite likely," replied his sister. She brushed an imaginary spec of dust from the sleeve of her long gown.

"Well, they don't. I asked." He looked to his brother. "Julian, what do you think?"

"I?" replied Prince Julian. "I think you are inquiring down the wrong branch of the family tree. This is a matter for Caine or Bleys, surely."

"Yeah. Not here. What do you think?", Random replied.

Julian stroked his beard. It was his latest affectation. "Hmm. I suppose I think that I would be interested to know what someone might do with hundreds or thousands of Trump Decks, stolen two a day for perhaps centuries."

"Again, Yeah," replied Random. "I think this is bad, but damned if I know why."

Flora fanned herself, and feigned indifference.

I wrote this as a comment here, but decided I liked it enough to make it one of my (rare) posts.
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2011-08-27 12:09 pm


"[S]ome people are just evil and we should be able to ID them and rank them downward. " -- Eric Schmidt

“Corporations are people, my friend." -- Mitt Romney
Ranking Downward...
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2011-07-30 11:16 am
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XJournal 1.0.6 b 6a

The Open Source LJ client that Ginger uses fails to log in under MacOSX Lion.

Since it's Open Source, I made a quick fix. If anyone needs it, it's available. No warranty, naturally. And hopefully someone else will release an official, signed fix that can be auto-updated for the rest of the users.

Experimental XJournal for Lion (only)

Please only use this if you need it. I'm making it available for people to test. If you can't use XJournal because of the -1 problem, it's worth a shot. This version is marked 1.0.6b6a and is NOT in the svn repository.

Install by downloading the disk image, opening it, dragging the XJournal bundle to your Applications Folder, and launching it.

1: I can't sign it, so it's not updatable via Sparkle.
2: I can't tell if it's slower because I'm using a slower method or it's just LJ flakiness. Login in particular seems to be slow.
3: We've tested most functions on two Lion MBPs. There could be surprises or things that don't work that I may not be able to easily diagnose.

That being said, this version...
1: runs on Lion on my MBP and my wife's MBP.
2: logs in, gets user pics and tags, allows you to post, checks friends lists, shows history, and does everything else we tried. We don't know if it does things we didn't try.

Comment here if you notice anything, or if the devs want my changes.
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2010-12-13 04:55 pm

The Assassination of the Outlaw Yogi Bear by the Coward Boo-Boo

via DF, which had the great post title that inspired this...

NB: As most people do, I expect this video to be taken down...

Now Yogi was a bear who never learned to share
He robbed the Jellystone camps
He stole from the campers and he took to their pic-a-nick hampers
He'd a paw and a hat and a brain

Well it was little Boo-Boo Bear who shot him in the rear
I wonder now how he feels
For he slept in Yogi's lair and he ate with him there
And he laid poor Yogi in his grave

Yogi's girl, Cindy Bear, has shed many a tear
Three cubs, now, they were brave
Well the bear that fired the shot, Boo-Boo Bear the little snot
He laid poor Yogi in his grave

Now Yogi he was smarter (and louder and much larger)
Than the average bear, by far
There never was a ranger who ever had a prayer
of taking Yogi Bear in while alive

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2010-12-06 07:01 pm
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Jury duty.

So Jury duty in district court today, oddly [ profile] immlass also had jury duty for the same case. She was #21 and disqualified, I was number 82. It was a rough voir dire: #80 was empaneled. I might've been, but I'm pretty glad I wasn't.

Four counts, starting with attempted capital murder, followed by sexual assault of a disabled person, aggravated sexual assault, and aggravated assault.

I don't know the circumstances of the case, but i knew we were really in for it when the defense attorney basically warned us not to be prejudiced against his client if he was tough on the victim on the stand.

Even with the ones he accepted, he needs to be careful about that.

In more exciting news, our charming defendant made the news a few months ago when he allegedly tried to hire another inmate kill his accuser for money, because, yeah, the cops won't think that's at all suspicious. Some details in the link for the morbidly curious. If proven, I would not have felt an impulse to be particularly lenient.

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2010-10-18 12:40 am

We're clearing out the RPG shelves...

I mentioned on Facebook that we were getting rid of some RPG books. Turns out, about 185 of them.

For friends, I'll sell them at a fair price, but it's gotta be this week. Contact us if you're interested.

List is here:
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2010-07-26 11:35 am

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I thought this was interesting.

01. Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper at their LiveJournal.
02. Explain in five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
03. Don't change your wallpaper before doing it! The point is to see what you had on!

"Fear eile airson Eachainn!"
"Fear eile airson Eachainn!"
"Fear eile airson Eachainn!"
"Fear eile airson Eachainn!"
"Fear eile airson Eachainn!"
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2010-06-27 09:27 am

The past is always with us

So, I created a macro for the [ profile] ihazatardis community, which is for Dr. Who cat macros. There is nothing new under the sun, indeed...

The Big Bang

At least it's not a leather skullcap )
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2010-04-18 10:06 pm

The Men who Stare at Goats

I liked this more than the mixed reviews might suggest I would.

Now, as I watched this, I was struck by the similarities to the Star Wars Trilogy, so much so that I decided that Clooney was Kenobi, Spacey was Darth Vader, Ewen was Luke (!), and Bridges was Yoda.

On further reflection, I'm pretty sure you could map most of it to Campbell's Hero's Quest and the seventeen phases of the Monomyth, which is why it maps closely to Star Wars.

Recommended. A fun movie.
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2010-04-15 11:52 pm

An addition to the story...

"What a stupid Pig you are, Pig!," replied the Chicken. "We're both INVOLVED! What we do is we each KILL our CHILDREN. Otherwise, there WOULDN'T be ENOUGH BACON for a SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS MODEL."

--posted here because I accidentally posted it on a co-worker's FB page, and that audience and this one aren't intersecting...
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2010-04-14 01:11 pm

The future, now.

If cats figure out how to charge it and turn it on, we're doomed.

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2010-04-03 11:55 pm

Steven Moffat knows where we came from...

We've seen this kind of thing before, and it always gets to me. I like it that he gives appropriate props to the predecessors.

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2010-01-20 12:39 pm

On doing work that people notice

The Joy of Tech describes, in an eerily accurate way, the customer experience getting Free Wi-Fi at McDonalds.

This is really interesting to me because I work for AT&T Wi-Fi Services and one of my responsibilities is Software Release and Deployment management. I executed the script that turned 11,000 McDonalds Wi-Fi to free. Clearly these guys are responding to us--they even got the brand-new oval-shaped McD Wi-Fi logo, so they're paying attention.

Something we did got cartooned, and not in a bad way. It's pretty damn amusing.

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2009-12-25 10:23 am
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I don't know I'd this is a game scenario or a short movie...

Spun off of some discussions on [ profile] prince_corwin's LJ, I wand to see/play/make a Jedi Missionaries story, about a pair of young Jedi going door to door on their speeder bikes spreading the good news of The Force to the unwashed masses...

Posted via

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2009-12-14 01:58 am

The road not taken

So, it was a big Dr. Who weekend for us. Netflix dropped off the bonus materials for S4 of NewWho and the last of S2 of Sarah Jane Adventures, plus we watched a Tomb of the Cybermen on Netflix as well.

The Traughton adventure was fun, but somewhat primitive. Pre-Time-Lord and all, so some oddities on that front. He's all for convincing others that the Cybermen must be destroyed because they're evil, but he does show dislike of guns.

Also: Cybermen should not have visible panty lines. I cannot stress this point highly enough.

Sarah Jane ended on a sour note for me. The Temptation of Sarah Jane seemed like a complete rehash of Father's Day from NewWho S1, right down to the resolution. Been there, done that.

Looking to see if there was much critical commentary on that, I ended up finding out about The K9 Missions, filming in Brisbane, OZ to air next year (in places other than the US). It's being developed by the guy who created K9 (Bob Baker, who wrote all of the Wallace and Grommit movies for Aardman), and there are rights issues with the BBC, so it's not Who Canon, but it's interesting, and "Who compatible".

I also came across a site that details a number of abandoned stories: all the things that didn't get as far as Shada: rejected stories, stories that got lost when the production team changed or a cast member decided to leave (or stay), stories where the author wouldn't change it, or didn't know how to write for Television, or ones that were just too expensive. Stories which, were they to have been made, would have changed some fundamental things.
    A few favorites fromthe lost stories...
  • Century House The Tenth Doctor appears on a modern reality TV show so he can hunt a ghost.

  • The Face of God One faces a giant face in space, which claims to be God, but isn't. Unlike the Trek people, who made this same story into Trek V, the Who people declined...

  • The Final Game I'll just quote this one, I can't explain it...:
    The [Third] Doctor and the Master are revealed to be two aspects of the same person -- the Master representing the “id” (instinctual needs and desires) and the Doctor the “ego” (conscious perception of and adaptation to reality). The Master ultimately perishes in an explosion which saves the lives of the Doctor and others

  • The Krikketmen
    Two million years ago, the inhabitants of the planet Krikkit built a race of androids called the Krikkitmen to wipe out all life in the universe. They were stopped by the Time Lords, who trapped Krikkit within a temporal prison. Now, however, a group of Krikkitmen which escaped the Time Lords' sentence are trying to reassemble the components of a key which can free Krikkit -- components of which happen to resemble elements of the Earth game of cricket, itself actually a reflection of the ancient war. The Doctor and Sarah stumble upon this plot when they see the Krikkitmen steal the Ashes during a test match at Lords.
    Yeah. By Douglas Adams. In 1976, 6 years before LtUaE came out.

  • The Lost Legion, in which Sarah Jane is shot by aliens and dies, and doesn't bitch and moan her way back to Croyden.

  • The Son of Doctor Who The First Doctor encounters his evil time-travelling son, to whom he bears an uncanny physical resemblance. This was Hartnell's idea. He wanted more juicy roles on the show.

  • The Prison in Space The 1968 story about a planet where women are in charge and men downtrodden. The description is 47 kinds of WTF, but I'll end with the line that made me write this all up: "Jamie frees Zoe from her brainwashing by smacking her behind."

Yeah. I'll be over here in the corner. Boggling. There have been some embarrassing things on Dr. Who in the past 46 odd years. Some in the long ago, some last season. Apparently, we've been spared the worst.
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2009-12-10 07:26 am

Katzenjammer covering Genesis' Land of Confusion

They're my favorite all-girl Norwegian pop/folk multi-instrumentalists of all time.
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2009-11-13 06:14 am

National Karaoke League: The Participating...

So, following all the fun Ginger had participating last spring in National Karaoke League, I decided to give it a go. Team Bringing the WTF is dedicated to finding and singing songs that make the audience, or some portion of the audience, say "WTF?"

Ginger has been rocking hard, a real backbone for the team, and I think she has three songs under her belt so far. Each performer has to sing twice.

I sang first out of the chute for team when the league started, with "The Bad Touch", a few weeks ago. It was OK, but it didn't really grab the audience. I've been working on a few options, at least one of which I think is really ready to go and several which, after rehearsal, I think may not be karaoke material.

Last night, week 4, was a tough week for the WTFers. Our team of eight had four absentees. I blame the Harmonic Convergence. Given that each team has to do two solos and a group song, we were all on the mic.

It was also theme night. Round one had to be about "New York, New York", round two was "Austin City Limits" and round three was "Going back to Cali". We didn't really have a solid line-up going into our group drinkalong/rehersal on Wednesday, but we had some ideas. It wasn't until noon on Thursday (show day!) that we had a song list.

Gabba, Gabba, Hey, y'all )